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Zombie Adventure

In the darkness, only one thing stands between you and the flesh eating zombies... Your weapon (paintball marker)

You will be totally immersed in Zombie Adventure.
This is intended to be a scary event with close
quarters, darkness, loud noises, and shooting
paintballs at our live actors. Those with heart
/anxiety conditions or other psychological
concerns are strongly cautioned.

This is not just a haunted attraction...

It's a haunted attraction where you'll have to fight your way to survival...

Zombie Adventure has you searching for Dr. Kline. Why? Because he has the antidote and you don't want to become a zombie, do you? At a certain point in the search, you'll find an armory where you will get a weapon (paintball marker). You will use that weapon to fight your way through zombie infested scenes. Zombie Adventure zombies are live actors (targets). You can survive but only if you shoot them in the head.

There are two parts to this show. In the beginning you'll have to make your way through several scary scenes on your way to the armory. When you get to the armory, you'll get a weapon and from that point it's a really bad day to be a zombie.